Something for everyone at

Time Travellers Experience

 Time Travellers Experience is currently being revamped in Oamaru. A new website will be running shortly. For any updates refer to facebook page. 

This website is now out of date and shall not be updated again. Please visit our new website


Timetravellers Experience 

Ph 03 4346444

1 Tyne St Oamaru

Cell ph





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Mission statement

Time Travellers is dedicated to preserving popular culture in all forms of media; including Steampunk, toys, vintage clothes, comics,movie posters, games, Ephemera and comic art. To display these items in an informative and entertaining way that enables the patrons to time travel back to the past....via their memories.

Our mission is to bring back fond memories in these troubled times...smiles and laughter are never far away at Time Travellers Experience

Something for everyone at Time Travellers Experience

Make the climb at No 1 Nostagia heaven, where the only way... is up”

Be seeing you”

Its "Bigger on the Inside" with over 3000 exhibits

Including Movie Posters, Steampunk, Games Section, Vintage Clothes, Dr Who....

We specialize in Science Fiction

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