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2oth Century Popular Culture



Stephen Murray

The 2oth Century as we know in my opinion started not long before the end of the 19th Century with the modern crime as we know it….Jack The Ripper  1888

Jack the Ripper of course was the first major crime to capture the fear and fascination of the public, contributing to the sell of newspapers and interest in murder. Without the ongoing interest we wouldn’t have TV shows like CSI.

Life as we know it was never going to be the same, and since that day mankind has turned down a dark road. One thing has remained though; little rays of sunshine in the forms of escapism…fads, fashions and personalities that have  both enthralled us and kept us entertained from the realities of modern life.

The film and television industry, music, fads, fashion, world events, inventions and technology all have contributed to 2oth Century popular culture.

Influencing our lives to such an extent that where can barely imagine life without them.



Toys have been around for centuries, as far back as ancient Jerusalem, rattles and whistles have been found in archaeology digs.

The Romans left behind many bone dice counters roundels, alabaster balls and glass marbles which have been unearthed since.

The age depicts the toy: during the French revolution children were playing with toy guillotines which they could decapitate toy figures of aristocrats according to J.H Ribinson in Medieval and Modern Times

In 1860 there were aluminium toys and in 1869 came the invention of celluloid.

Probably the first toy ever made was of course the ball



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