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A pleasant trip down memory lane

Mission Statement:


To give the visitor a unique museum experience that evokes good memories. That sense of personal time travel that Nostalgia can bring to people.

We want them to learn more about the things they remember and feel proud of how far we came in those hundred years.

We want to preserve the past so others can enjoy what it had to offer and how it has influenced the present.


History of Concept

Time Travelers Came about in 1996 when I realized that the 20th century was rapidly drawing to a close and that people were going to become increasingly more nostalgic about how influential and significant the 20th Century was. It was predictable that prices and interest of things from the past would go up, books would be written, documentaries made. Nobody was putting these sorts of things into a museum for preservation then and only recently has this become a trend to make museums more personal.

After an exhibition at the Canterbury Museum in the late 90’s on toys and games, and how popular that exhibition was, I was convinced that a permanent display was warranted. One that encompassed much more and organized in such a way that shows how each decade was unique and had its own style.


The meaning of the term “popular culture” is not widely known and people have to stop and think exactly what this encompasses. I came up with a “list” a guideline to what was worth buying and what would spark interest to the general public. I made, bought and found these items as a personal collection.

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