From now we shall displaying stuff that's coming in from around the country and overseas. Much of what we have we havnt got the room for, it time this will replace what we have or be in a speical display. 

Japanese rocket tin toy purchased on trade-me last year. Not able to fully restore as some internal parts are missing, makes a great display piece though.

This came from Australia late last year, my ongoing pursuit of space toys for the 5oth Anne of the moon landing coming up in a fews years. Its a friction toy and if the run it along the gound on a flat surface hard enough the man spins around in his capsule and sparks fly out the

This Japansese tin toy is rare in working order and one of the top space toys to collect. I've tried countless time to get him over the years and succeeded last year. Restoring him took many, many hours. And unfortunately one part no longer works as its worn out, as were a few other parts I had to remake just to get it to go. The Antenna spins around, it has bump and go action and a space man comes out through the door at the front. All these functions work, but it was a wreck when I got it, still one more thing to restore on it.

This famous Marx toy is based on the princial of boxing, how to beat the crap out of your opponent. I need to make two more rope stands and the rope around them. When done I shall post the before and after shots to show you it can be done, and whether you can tell the differance

The Alps Television Robot, one famous and rare robot, I'll be doing a feature on this robot and posting some decent photos soon. 

Harry the Hysterical robot, he laughs moves and lights up and his arms move like up and down like he shaking with hysterics. Took a few hours to restore him, and everything is jam packed in there, that wires get ripped out. So have to take him to bits again and try to arrange things so this doesnt happen. I had to take motors to out, figure out the talk box mechanism and reset it.etc

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