We are fast approaching our first year, its been an amazing ride. We are just startying to get group booking, have a radio promotion coming out, a article in Heritage matters and lots of exciting future plans and we continue to grow. Lots of positive comments by all. Some people enjoy it so much they give more than expect. We thank all that have attended and hope that we can continue to grow both in attendence and for your viewing pleasure.

Kevin Murray said "An amazing visit to the museum"

Melissa King said: " It looks awesome, could spend hours in there, Mason enjoyed it too" (Mason is 2yrs old)

The Blackler Faamily wrote: " Wow, well done, we'll be back thanks"

Kyle: "Awesomeness!"

Anita Davies: " Fantastic, great trip down memory lane"

Marilyn Hooper: "A trip back in time"

Bonnie Simpson: "A credit to  you, brings back lots of memories"

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