Every so often we will be using one of our cabinets to house a special display for a period of  few weeks only

Our next special display will be Star Trek, consisting of models, die cast, pictures, and anything else we can find. We have at least one other collector involved and may call upon others to loan stuff out.
Watch this space

Planning for a April display but we are looking for a model of the bridge so this may cause delay in when we put this on.

It takes a lot of thought to buy interesting things and display them in an interesting way. Just viewing the itmes isnt the same as seeing the end result YOU HAVE TO COME AND SEE IT for that.

So drop us a line and come on out to Timetravellers

We would also like to invite collectors to contact us if they are interested in loaning us some of their collection to put in a special display for a couple of months.



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