Items for sale as follows

For Sale Christine the Car from Stephen Kings "Christine"

$100.00 Plus Postage email us for postage quote

1950's wind up toy works well $50.00 plus postage SOLD

Rare wind up Robby the Robot $50.00 plus postage SOLD

Wall-E Robot $10.00 plus postage SOLD

1950's cap bombs $10.00 have two available SOLD

Old Raggedy Anne Doll $20.00 

 Spectrum car $10.00 card creased

Leia figure from the Star Wars on "steriods' first of new Star Wars figure $20.00 

Ben figure $20.00 rare version with long sabre has creases

Star Wars on steriods Luke figure $15.00  card poor creases 

Star Wars on steriods Han $15.00 crease right hand corner  

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