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Welcome to timetravellers, visit our popular culture museum here in Oxford North Canterbury New Zealand.

It is a private museum, so a booking is  essential. We are currently available for people to view on weekends. Entry is by donation, as we recieve no funding.


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Description of concept:


Time Travellers: Nostalgia Museum of 20th Century popular culture


Time Travellers is a new concept in the museum experience.

To experience exhibits that we can relate to in our own lives, that we ourselves remember and perhaps have an association with.

The exhibits themselves range from toys, games, advertising, kiwiana, fads, fashion, comic strips, and film and television memorabilia.

The arrangement of these exhibits is divided into decades so people can go directly to the decade that interests them.

There are many descriptions and explanations about what is on display, adding to the interest and knowledge of the visitor.

There will also be a timeline for each decade covering all aspects of popular culture that made each decade unique in our history.


There is something for every one of all ages, because Time Travellers is laden with “treasures” that each new generation can marvel at, and appreciate how popular culture has influenced not only society, but the individual.


  • Enter through Tardis entrance
  • Have your photograph taken in a replica of The Time Machine film prop (under construction) and Dalek.
  • Read and laugh at the many comic strips displayed around the wall.
  • See classic film posters of popular 20th Century films.
  • View our featured 3D “view-master” reels of the day.


We want to make your experience a pleasant one, one where you might learn something and bring back more family and friends in our ever expanding collection of Nostalgia.

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